Eamonn’s – Process of Creativity

Artists who work with glass have to function with an immense range and depth of artistic expression. They need to possess a huge repertoire of extremely complex techniques and they must attain a truly impressive level of skill in order to stay at the forefront of their glass blowing craft.

Today, there’s an almost overwhelming variety of approaches to the glass blowing medium; from functional through to figurative or sculptural.

The making of a piece of glass art begins with gathering glass from the furnace on the end of a blowing iron. The molten glass bubble is then shaped by hand using wooden blocks and moulds to control the outer shape. Throughout the glass making process, the moulding actions determine the shape and thickness of the piece.

To create glass art that is striking in its colour and brilliancy and potent in its impact, colour and composition requires a constant attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the complexity of the variety of states of molten glass. The thrill of discovering a new colour composition and the excitement of using it in various forms is the magical part of working with glass – the colour and composition becomes an integral part of the design and form.

Eamonn’s beautiful glass art is inspired from the natural world; the attraction of nature lies in its variety of shape, expression, texture and patterning. Hence the abstract use of pattern and colour.

The pristine brilliance of the glass, coupled with precise decoration has seen Eamonn’s pieces being highly sought after from people and corporations from across the globe.