Eamonn Vereker Glass Studio & Gallery

Eamonn’s team of glassblowers take great joy and pride in opening up people’s eyes to the colours and wonders of nature through creating unique and beautiful pieces; each one a new expression of colour, light, warmth, beauty and fragility.  When you invest in Eamonn Vereker glass art you acquire a unique, finely handcrafted piece of glass art, but just as important, you also share in the emotions, energy and essence invested into each glass piece.

Browse Eamonn’s Glass Collection in the Shop, where you will find his signature ranges of glass art including, his famous Collection range of Outback, Rainforest, Reef and Flinders; as well as his beautifully handcrafted and colourful Eamonn Vereker Glass Birds, Penguins, Fish, Dolphins, Wombats and Koalas. All of Eamonn’s products would make the perfect glass gift for any occasion or the serious Glass Art collector.