Eamonn Vereker's Glass Art Collection

“Colour comes from your Soul”

How Eamonn Vereker views the world around him comes through in his Australian Glass Art Series.  It reflects his heart and soul and who he is...  He is fascinated with the brightness of light and the kaleidoscope of colours in Australia.  The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas.

Nature has always provided Eamonn with the perfect palate of colour to work from.  Invigorated by the many colours of Australia, he translated them into the design of glass art, the contrasts and colours, the vibrancy, richness and brightness that inspired the Eamonn Vereker Glass Art Australian Series - Outback, Flinders, Reef, Rainforest and Australian Animals and Figurines, and his Exhibition Glass Art pieces.   Eamonn is confident you will enjoy and treasure his beautiful work.