From an early age, Eamonn has been fascinated by the lives and artwork of the ancient early settlers in Newgrange area in Ireland.

Newgrange - Spiral Carvings

The first substantial traces of independent Irish life are to be found around the valley of the river Boyne, these great passage tombs, built around 3500 BC  were the burial chambers for their tribal kings, kings of a simple agricultural society which already carried the unmistakable imprint of a civilization. Their artwork and decorated carvings. You could call them the earliest signatures of an Irish identity.

Eamonn has been fascinated by the artwork and ability of these early settlers in Newgrange, Ireland, so the Newgrange range is his interpretation of their creativity.

To commission a piece from the Newgrange collection, please contact Eamonn at his Norwood studio in South Australia.

Newgrange – Ancient Stones in Ireland

Sunlight and Stones

Rocks and stones were set up to be an early solar observatory in BC times. Man would be already planning his year ahead.  It is awe inspiring to see this perfect alignment of these rocks and stones with the sun.   It may have been thus for 3000 years since man first set up this simple yet very robust perpetual calendar - a calendar that still works to this day.

Those early men - let’s call them astronomers - were very exact when they erected these stones in that desolate yet perhaps sparsely populated area. They would know when they arrived at the shortest day and a new year was beginning.

Commission a Newgrange artwork

You are welcome to request a piece from this collection, or have a unique piece handmade to your specifications. Please contact Eamonn at his Norwood studio in South Australia to discuss. Call Eamonn on +61 8 8362 9904 or if you prefer, email him at