Eamonn Vereker's Artwork

Creating a linkage & bond between his Glass Art and Artwork

Eamonn's Artwork

Eamonn’s inspirational blend of colour and form within each glass piece is now captured and enveloped into print, creating a linkage and bond between his Glass Art and Artwork. Each of these Artwork prints relate back to one of Eamonn's Glass Art Collections namely; Flinders, Outback, Reef and Rainforest.

These Artwork prints celebrate his unique style and colour interpretation.  Eamonn shares in and brings his emotions, energy and essence into each of his Artwork pieces.

For further information on Eamonn's Artwork, please contact him at his Norwood studio in South Australia, on +61 8 8362 9904 or email: eamonn@eglass.com.au