Eamonn Vereker Glass

Unique and beautifully handcrafted glass art made in Adelaide, South Australia

Eamonn Vereker Glass Studio & Gallery

Eamonn Vereker Glass is an independent glassblowing studio and gallery located in Norwood, South Australia. Yes, We Are Open

Eamonn  takes  great joy and pride in opening up people's eyes to the colours and wonders of nature  through creating unique and beautiful pieces; each one a new expression of colour, light, warmth, beauty and fragility.  When you invest in Eamonn Vereker glass art you acquire a unique, finely handcrafted piece of glass art, but just as important, you also share in the emotions, energy and essence invested into each glass piece.

Browse Eamonn's Glass Collection with his signature ranges of glass art - Outback, Rainforest, Reef, Flinders Newgrange and Exhibition pieces; as well as his beautifully handcrafted Glass Birds, Penguins, Fish, Dolphins, Wombats and Koalas.

Eamonn invites you to stop by his glassblowing studio, check out the magnificent glass pieces on display in his gallery and you are welcome to watch the glassblowing in action.

Eamonn's Glass Art Collection

Figurines & Australian Animals

Eamonn’s glass figurine range shows another side to his creativity and design work. The Figurine and Australian Animals Collection provides him a constant link back to nature and the stunning Australian landscapes.


Glass Art Collection

Invigorated by the kaleidoscope of colours and contrasts across Australia, its vibrancy, richness and brightness inspire Eamonn and these reflections are beautifully captured in his Collections. Each piece created is unique in design, colour and shape.


Newgrange is a Neolithic site in County Meath and just 30 miles from Dublin; a burial tomb for the High Kings of Ireland. When Eamonn creates a Newgrange piece he feels “he is living in their time” and creates pieces which are his own personal interpretations of Newgrange.

Special Editions

Eamonn creates Special Edition pieces with influences from his history, music and his Irish Heritage. Eamonn’s Special Editions Glass Art is shown across Australia and around the world.

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