Eamonn Vereker Glass

Unique and beautifully handcrafted glass art made in Adelaide, South Australia

Eamonn Vereker Glass Studio & Gallery

Eamonn Vereker Glass is an independent glassblowing studio and gallery located in Norwood, South Australia.

Eamonn  takes  great joy and pride in opening up people's eyes to the colours and wonders of nature  through creating unique and beautiful pieces; each one a new expression of colour, light, warmth, beauty and fragility.  When you invest in Eamonn Vereker glass art you acquire a unique, finely handcrafted piece of glass art, but just as important, you also share in the emotions, energy and essence invested into each glass piece.

Browse Eamonn's Glass Collection with his signature ranges of glass art - Outback, Rainforest, Reef, Flinders Newgrange and Exhibition pieces; as well as his beautifully handcrafted Glass Birds, Penguins, Fish, Dolphins, Wombats and Koalas.

Eamonn invites you to stop by his glassblowing studio, check out the magnificent glass pieces on display in his gallery and you are welcome to watch the glassblowing in action.

Eamonn's Handcrafted Glass Art Collection

Figurines and Australian Animals

Eamonn's glass figurine range shows another side to his wondrous work. Eamonn takes great joy in making the glass figurines, which initially started with making Glass Birds and Glass Penguins and now extending to his large Figurine and Australian Animals Collection. Eamonn Vereker Glass Birds and his Glass Figurines and Australian Animals collection provides him a constant link back to nature and the Australian fauna.

Eamonn’s Collection – Colour comes from your soul

Eamonn Vereker is fascinated with the brightness of light in Australia. The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas.

Invigorated by the colours of Australia, the contrasts and colours, the vibrancy, richness and brightness that inspires the Eamonn Vereker Australian Glass Collection and Glass Art Exhibition pieces.


From an early age, Eamonn has been fascinated by the artwork and ability of the early settlers in Newgrange, Ireland. You could call them the earliest signatures of an Irish identity. The Newgrange decorated spiral carvings were executed without the help of any iron tools. The Newgrange range is Eamonn’s interpretation of their creativity.

Eamonn Vereker Glass Exhibitions are world wide

Eamonn Vereker's glass blowing art is displayed in prominent galleries throughout Australia and around the world. You can find Eamonn's Glass Art at the famed Raffles Hotel in Singapore or galleries in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or you can always call into his Glass Studio and Gallery in Norwood, South Australia . There is sure to be an Eamonn Vereker Glass exhibition somewhere near you.

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